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Hello and welcome to my website about the knives that

Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) uses on

TWENTY FOUR - 24, the famous - TV show on FOX!

I'm a very big fan of the show and also a great knife fan. This is the reason why I had the idea to make a website about 24 and knives. Take a look and enjoy. If you see a knife on the show that is not listed here on this site or you think I made a mistake and Jack used another one (and you maybe know which one it is), please contact me and tell me about it. Send your Mail to mm@24-knives.com .

Disclaimer: © Imagine Television, Real Time Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entert., Pro7 and RTL II, SKY. This website is entirely made from fans for fans. No profit is being made. All information and pictures are used without permission. I just think that this outstanding TV show needs all the support it can get. And I'm sure no one would say no to advertisement for free, right? Please don't use any of the texts or pictures on other websites without permission of the webmaster. Thank you.

Update 12/09/10 

24 Season 8  - The Final Season -  :-(

Episode 8x1 Change Knife


Waiting for THE Movie :-))))


Microtech Halo III, Microtech Makora, Benchmade Auto Stryker, Benchmade Reflex 2000, Benchmade Mini Reflex 2550SBK, Desert Knifeworks Sandshark , Strider MG, Piranah Amazon, Nato Military OTF, MOD Massad Ayoob Razorback, Ontario 103 spec tactial hunter, Microtec L.U.D.T, Paragon OTF ATKO Model TP, Microtech Combat Troodon, , Kershaw 6” Chef’s knife,