BM 9130 Stryker
BM Mini Reflex
Ontario Spec 102
DKW Sand Shark
Piranha Amazon
MT Makora
Nato Military
Strider MG
MOD Razorback
Microtec LUDT
Paragon ATKO
MT CB Troodon
Kershaw Chef

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Jacks Knives


Here are the pictures from the different Knives.

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Benchmade Stryker 9130

Benchmade Mini Reflex

DKW Sandshark

Nato Military

MOD Razorback


Paragon OTF ATFK Model 10 TP

Microtech Combat Troodon

Microtech Halo III

Piranha Amazon

Microtech Makora

Strider MG Dagger

Ontario Spec 102

Microtech L.U.D.T

Kershaw 6" Chef's Knife